Mojave desert

This is a piece I made recently based on my visit to the Mojave desert north of LA around two years ago.


The work is based on the several hours of four-channel recordings (although this is the stereo mix version) I made in the desert. I was recording with four Sennheiser MKH40s going straight into a Sound Devices 788 at 96KHz. I played around with quite a few different microphone placements mainly with the mic's arranged as two pairs of XY however as the wind wind picked over the course of the day I found that actually the best arrangement was to have the mic's spaced around six feet apart in a square and on the floor but angled up by resting them on some rocks.


The piece is much more about an evocation of the feeling of being in the Mojave certainly not an accurate phonographic documentation of the ambient sound in the desert, and as such I also made some studio recordings which I added to the piece including a heavily processed stereo recording of a bull roar.